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In Pè!



Quality & Design for your street food event

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, using our products means relying on a modern and dynamic organization, created to respond promptly to the needs of its customers.





our products

They are the result of an idea by Carlo Francesco Crespi, a designer who enters the world of event articles producers with truly unique and innovative products of its kind. The engineer concentrate his attention on the quality and ergonomics of the product, studying and realizing even the smallest details with the support of expert chef and sommelier.

The result is a line of products aimed at all event organizers, which require both elegant, comfortable and innovative products, as well as products for "easy" events, such as street food fairs or festivals.

prestige line

Prestige Line

Practicality, ergonomics and modern design mean that weights, glasses and foodstuffs, are deliberately balanced between each other, allowing a comfortable, safe and reliable handling and grasp.
Made of high-quality material, shock-resistant polycarbonate, it does not break when it falls and once stacked it takes up very little space.

( circa 130 g cm 25 x 17 x 1,5 )

street food walking

Lightweight, it supports easily and comfortably, standing or walking, food and a drink in common plastic or cellulose cups.
The "soups" version is also available, where in the center of the support there is a hole where you can comfortably place specific glasses for soups or pastries in general.

( support of cm 15,5 x 15,5 x 4 + glass until 300 ml )

street food packaging
easy catering

easy catering

Disposable container, designed for easy events such as outdoor catering, business meetings or a wedding with a limited budget.

(compartment cm 15,5 x 15,5 x 4 + flute glass)

simply box

Container, made with an ecological material of plant origin, which lends itself to the most varied uses.

The pallet shelf can be completed with:

  • - 4 mm transparent glass
  • - 8 mm Dekton stone by Cosentino, composed by natural minerals
  • - straw paper placemat

simply box


Ideal for street food, collective catering, finger food and festivals. Rigid and lightweight, it easily supports food and sauces of all kinds, plus glasses, bottles and cans up to 500 ml.

( 100% biodegradable and compostable )

quality of service

We offer different types of products, from the most elegant to the easiest, but always respecting the quality of service and the attention to customer needs. All our containers are customizable, both with logos and with writing, and are available in various colors. We want to be an added value for your business.



from 3,00 €


from 0,20 €


from 0,20 €

MED (Multi function Ecological Disch)

from 0,27 €


from 1,00 €

  • possibility to customize products with your own logo and / or written
  • the prices do not include VAT

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